Ballerina Parties and Party Supplies

A Fun Party experience for every child, with a real ballerina as your party host.

18 per Child and a 20% Non Refundable Deposit is required at the time of the booking which will then be deducted from the overall total cost of the party.

1yrs - 5yrs:  1.5hr - 2hr time allocation this consists of the following:

  • Teenage Real Ballerina Host
  • Lolly Bag Decorating - lollies included and all lolly bag gifts
  • Pass the Parcel 
  • Dancing with a mini Ballet Lesson 
  • Colouring In Placemat with Personalized Name and Laminated 

Depending on the amount of guests will depend on whether they make a mirror, crown, wand, Birthday Child will receive a free gift

We will provide coloured popcorn, Original Chips and Fairy Bread.

Cake is to be supplied by the Parents and if you require Hot Food it would need to be supplied by the parents as we are unable to have the facilities to heat and prepare hot food on he premises due to Health and Safety regulations.

We will also supply all invitations and envelopes which can be posted to you or you are welcome to collect them, we also will have a form for you to sign as well in regards the Terms and Conditions of the party, again this can be emailed, posted or hand collected. With all of the above in mind children aged 5yrs - 10yrs they will have a longer dance lesson, and more time allocated into the craft activities ( only because the younger ones can get bored very easily and distracted too ) however the above is pretty much the same it just changes to be more a 2 - 2.5hr party, the birthday child still recives a gift.

They may not want to do a placemat so the option changes to a canvas that they can paint, and the games become more age appropriate as well.

All guests are encouraged to wear their own little tutu ( however this is by no means a requirement, we will have spares for those may not have one for party use only, or we also sell them in store if anyone would like to purchase as well ) however again it is not a requirement and and any dress code is suitable.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to let me know and we would be more than happy to answer anything you need. 

Email us for more