Costume Seconds - Terms and Conditions

Our Costume seconds section is designed to help BUY and SELL your pre-loved quality costumes. Aspire DC act as the broker and uses our retail stores, online store and Weekly Email Newsletter to help promote your costume. 

Here is how it works: 

If you have a pre-loved, quality costume, you can bring them to our stores in Kelmscott or Rockingham or post to 5/2880 Albany Hwy Kelmscott WA 6111. 

  1. The costume must be in as-new condition, with any pieces or attachments that complement the costume.
  2. You pay Aspire DC a non-refundable $5 holding & marketing fee. If you are selling multiple costumes, this will be capped at $100 per drop.
  • If you have Duo, Trio or Troupe costumes that are the same (i.e. grouped) then this will only be one $5 fee.
  1. You as the Seller set the price; (remember this is a second-hand costume so price will determine the success of selling the item). 
  2. Aspire will photograph the product and place the item on our website which has a global reach (we ship worldwide); 
  1. If the product sells, then we will remit to you (the seller) the amount it sold for minus 10% for Aspire DC broker fee plus any merchant fees. 

    (a.) Merchant fees may include Credit Card, Pay Pal, Afterpay and Zip pay. (note: Zip Pay and Afterpay take 6% of gross sale price, paypal up to 2%, Credit Card approx. 1.5%). Please account for this in your prospective sale price.
  1. If the item doesn't sell or you wish to retrieve the item, please email; if any postage required that will be an additional expense. 
  2. Aspire DC does not guarantee the sale of the item, we only act as the marketing agent.
  3. Aspire DC will do its best to store the costume in the best possible conditions, but there are some events that may be beyond our control that may affect the quality. Aspire DC has contents insurance; however, we cannot guarantee a full value return (RRP) of your costume as this is subject to the insurance assessor. Signing this agreement, you acknowledge this.  


    The buyer can browse our website and purchase online the costume. We ship worldwide (shipping charges apply). Costumes have been check for quality prior to shipping and there are no returns or refunds as these are second hand items.